We’d love to show you our product – we know you’ll be impressed. We’ll have a quick discussion about what key areas to focus on that will benefit your organization the most. This ensures we maximize the time you spend with us so we can meet your needs.

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Your Parks and Recreation Management solution that will improve the way you manage your services both inside your organization and with your community.

Everything you need is in one place, no need to change screens to perform functions like renting or enrolling. eRec is designed for mobile use and will work on any size device.

eRec Highlights

  • Sign up online with email address using automatic email verification
  • Modify profile online, add pictures, view current and past activity including receipts
  • Email integration included in solution
  • Calendar shows enrollments for the family or an individual, and includes rentals
  • Create courses easily using a wizard, that works on your phone too!
  • Rental fees that are flexible enough to meet the demands of ice bookings, where bookings cross two fee schedules
  • Create rentals by way of a wizard, or sell a membership using a wizard
  • View rentals from the navigation bar, one click to check forms that are due, or update the rental
  • Full integration to your merchant of choice for payment processing
  • Create Groups for your customer to sign up for; such as volunteer or sports
  • Manage Relationships between users, as payors, guardians or friends
  • And so much more! Please contact us to find out more about eRec, your advanced recreation software solution.
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Mais Financial is a complete set of municipal, financial and human resources software designed for municipalities, small local government and utility entities.

Find the modules you need from our comprehensive list.

Bylaw Enforcement

  • User-defined fields to keep data unique
  • Document scanning and archival capabilities
  • History of all changes made to master files
  • Customizable reporting tool for each user's profile
  • Work Orders
  • Cemetery Management
  • Automatic posting of inter-fund balancing transactions
  • Full historical information on prior years
  • Comprehensive online help

Financial Applications

  • General Ledger
  • Budgeting/Forecasting
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Account Payable/Receivable
  • Payroll
  • Human Resources
  • Fixed Assets
  • Purchase Orders
  • Inventory Control

Local Government Applications

  • Property Tax & Information
  • Utility Billing
  • Point of Sale Cash Receipting
  • Business Licencing
  • Building Permits
  • Animal Control
  • Pre-Authorized Payments
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(Electronic Home Owner Grant) is a secured web service that enables homeowners to apply for their Home Owner Grant thru your municipality web site.

Data is processed daily and relevant information is transferred into the MAIS System. Each claim is automatically loaded to the Cash Register module before final posting to the Property Taxes module.

eH.O.G. Highlights

  • Approved by the Office of Home Owner Grant Administration
  • Allow your customers to claim their home owner grant online
  • Part of a suite of online services
  • Full administrative functions and reporting tools
  • Link to your corporate website or add to your online services menu
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Web portal that integrates with permitting software, ours or another provider. Your site can offer online application forms, to being the permitting process.

ePermit Features

  • Self serve permitting – signs, fire extinguishers, or simple permits by owner
  • Customized permit flow and inspection management based on your needs
  • Workflow can specify documents or images to be uploaded and stored
  • Print reports or stay green
  • Synchronized with your MAIS or other Building Permit software
  • Automated email alerts to contractors in your area, throughout the process
  • Integrates with MAIS ePay
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ePay is an online Bill Payment Tool that allows residents to view their balances payable to the municipality and make secure online payments.

ePay Features

  • Secured electronic pay/print service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Integration with MAIS modules (GL, Animal license, Business license, Utility billing, Property Tax)
  • Access to the service from your municipality web site.

ePay Benefits

  • Improved quality of service to residents.
  • Payments received 24/7/365.
  • Reduced cost of service per customer query.
  • Reduced workload of Municipality staff.
eBackup Icon

This virtual disastery recovery tool will protect your data in case of a MAIS server failure. This disaster recovery tool can make a difference between easy and successful recovery and business data and time loss.

Be prepared and avoid extremely high costs associated with Emergency Data Recovery services. Virtual copies of your server(s) are ready to go at a moment’s notice after a hardware failure.

eBackup Highlights

  • Data security (encrypted with 128-bit SSS and 256-bit EAS algorithms).
  • Non-disruptive seamless backup process flow that is scheduled before and after business hours
  • Low Maintenance system
  • Full Data Recovery solution (MAIS becomes responsible for restoring your data)
  • Recovery within 2 hours of notification during service hours

We’d love to show you our product – we know you’ll be impressed. We’ll have a quick discussion about what key areas to focus on that will benefit your organization the most. This ensures we maximize the time you spend with us so we can meet your needs.

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